Springfield Attorney Advises Accident Victims on Missouri Insurance Laws

Springfield auto accident lawyer pursues claims against negligent drivers’ insurance coverage

If you are injured in an auto accident, your injuries are probably covered to some extent by the negligent driver’s insurance, and the same might be true for other types of accidents as well. Understanding Missouri’s insurance requirements and persuading the insurance companies to pay you what you deserve requires the right legal advocate. Attorney Ronald Coticchio at RJC Law in Springfield has the knowledge of Missouri personal injury and insurance law and litigation skills you need on your side to maximize your chances for a favorable result.

What kind of insurance is available in Missouri?

Missouri’s auto insurance laws are based on the concept that the driver at fault is liable for any injuries they cause. Here, an injured party may file a claim against either:

  • Their own automobile insurance carrier, which may then sue the liable driver or the driver’s insurance company for any amounts they paid
  • The driver at fault
  • The at-fault driver’s insurance carrier

If you’re injured in a Missouri auto accident, it’s important to hire a qualified attorney who can explain your options clearly. You can count on me to identify the best way to secure the payment you need to pay your medical bills, cover lost wages and compensate you for other types of harm stemming from the crash.

How does Missouri’s comparative fault system work?

Often, the defendant in a personal injury case will claim that the injured party is partially responsible for the accident. If fault is shared, the jury must apportion the liability between plaintiff and defendant. Your damages will then be reduced by the percentage of fault attributable to you. For instance, if the jury awards $100,000, but finds you 40 percent liable and the defendant 60 percent liable for the crash, your award will be $60,000. You can collect a partial recovery even if you are assigned more fault than the defendant. My firm works to maximize your insurance payout by building and presenting the strongest case for the defendant’s liability, while countering defendant’s arguments that you caused the accident.

What are Missouri’s auto insurance requirements?

A driver licensed to drive in Missouri is required to maintain certain amounts of car insurance to pay for damages caused by that driver. The minimum coverage levels under state law are:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury or death to any single individual in an accident
  • $50,000 for all bodily injury or death in the accident, even if more than two individuals are injured
  • $10,000 for property damages in the accident

A driver is also required to buy uninsured motorist coverage to cover losses caused by an unidentified or uninsured driver. These are subject to the same minimum coverage amounts as liability insurance. Of course, a driver may choose to buy auto insurance with higher policy limits than Missouri law requires, but isn’t obligated to do so. Once the policy limits are exhausted, the driver at fault will be personally liable for any additional damages. Many cases can be settled within the policy limits, but if it is insufficient to make you whole and you want to pursue additional damages, my firm will pursue the claim against the driver.

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