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Missouri firm works to obtain payment for people hurt in car accidents

Whether you’re on an interstate or turning onto the street where you live, an auto accident can cause substantial physical and emotional harm. You have to deal not only with medical problems but also with financial pressures , especially if you’re unable to work. Missouri uses a fault-based auto insurance system so it’s important to hire a qualified lawyer who can analyze the evidence and formulate a powerful case to establish who should be held accountable for damages.

RJC Law in Springfield delivers comprehensive counsel in helping victims of car crashes and other motor vehicle accidents. With more than 27 years of experience, firm founder Ronald Coticchio knows the tactics employed by insurance companies and their counsel to try to keep payouts low and he provides strategic advice and forceful advocacy aimed at achieving optimal results.

Attorney handles cases involving trucks, motorcycles and pedestrian injuries

Having practiced law for almost three decades, I understand the specific considerations that influence accident litigation involving:

  • Trucks — Due to their size, weight and limited maneuverability, large trucks pose heightened danger on the road. Their operators must abide by rules governing load weight, driver rest and other safety measures. My firm will assist people who have been struck by commercial vehicles and can find the parties that contributed to the accident, including fleet owners, shipping companies and truck maintenance companies.
  • Motorcycles — Lacking the protection offered by a car or truck, a motorcycle rider is at greater risk of serious or permanent injury in an accident. I make a careful review of the facts and press for an outcome that accounts for the full extent of harm a biker has suffered.
  • All-terrain vehicles — A mechanical problem with a four-wheeler or other all-terrain vehicle could lead to a serious accident, even if the rider is taking proper safety measures. If a manufacturer’s defect triggered an accident, I will work to hold accountable the company and all others involved in bringing the vehicle to market.
  • Pedestrians — At intersections and marked crosswalks in Missouri, pedestrians have the right of way. Even when a pedestrian has violated traffic rules, there still may be grounds for recovering damages if another vehicle’s driver is shown to be partially at fault for an accident.
  • Cell phones and other distractions — I analyze the data and witness testimony to determine if a lapse in attention, due to distraction by a cell phone or something else inside or outside the car, may have led to the crash.
  • Alcohol and drug impairment — Even when someone is not charged with driving while intoxicated, I thoroughly investigate any evidence suggesting that impairment by alcohol or drugs played a role in a collision.
  • Speeding and other traffic offenses — Drivers who go too fast or break other traffic laws put others who share the road in danger. I use police reports and other evidence to help prove that a driver’s disobedience of the law was a cause of an accident.

In all personal injury and wrongful death cases, I make sure that clients understand their legal options as I relieve them from the stress of dealing with insurance companies and others adverse parties. From there, my firm relentlessly pursues a positive result, both in skillful settlement negotiation and through zealous trial advocacy.

Knowledgeable advocate seeks relief from distracted and drunk drivers

The vast majority of auto accidents arise from operator error. My firm pursues money damages for injuries suffered in auto accidents caused by:

Whatever was the cause of the accident in your case, I have the experience and determination needed to help you collect fair reimbursement for medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering and other compensable damages you’ve incurred.

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