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Skillful Missouri litigator pursues reimbursement for motorbike injuries

With beautiful places to see throughout southwest Missouri, numerous motorcycle riders populate our roads. Sadly, drivers of trucks and cars often are not aware of the nearby presence of motorcycles, and accidents are frequent. Worse still, the harm that can be inflicted on an unprotected rider who is hit by a larger vehicle or thrown from a bike can be catastrophic and even fatal. RJC Law in Springfield represents injured motorcyclists in Greene County and the surrounding areas. Attorney Ronald Coticchio has the experience to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Dedicated firm outlines major causes of motorcycle accidents

People on motorcycles face greater danger than occupants of trucks, cars and other vehicles. Collisions between bikes and other vehicles can be caused by a host of factors, such as sideswipes, cars making left turns, lane splitting by motorcycles, cars stopping short or car doors opening suddenly into traffic. The smaller size and better navigability of motorcycles is also a factor. It’s tougher to see a bike in the corner of one’s eye than a car or truck, and the problem is worsened by driver distraction due to use of cellphones and other devices. I review the facts of each motorcycle accident in detail to determine all of the factors that contributed to the crash in order to secure reimbursement from the parties responsible.

Accomplished Greene County lawyer helps bikers secure payment

Whether you’ve suffering from road rash, broken bones, a traumatic brain injury or another type of physical harm from a motorcycle accident, my firm will fight to get you the compensation you deserve, either at trial or through a favorable settlement. Types of damages include:

  • Compensation for medical expenses — I am committed to making sure that clients secure reimbursement for all medical costs, including payment for doctors’ and hospital bills, prescription drugs, in-home assistance, if needed, and transportation to medical appointments.
  • Recovery of lost wages — I work diligently to reimburse people hurt in motorcycle accidents for income lost while they cannot work.
  • Damages for pain and suffering — Regardless of whether the injuries will last or heal soon, pain and suffering associated with a collision is compensable.
  • Expenses associated with rehabilitation — Even with a helmet on, a motorcyclist who is an accident might have to deal with long-range medical problems, such as brain damage, disfigurement, loss of motor function and possibly even paralysis. Extensive rehabilitation might be required and I account for all future costs when advocating for plaintiffs.
  • Funding for bike repairs — An at-fault driver should be liable for damage to your bike and other property was destroyed or damaged as a result of the accident.

It is important for accident victims to develop a comprehensive legal strategy as soon as possible. Missouri’s statute of limitations for personal injury claims is five years. Wrongful death actions must be filed with three years from the date the victim passed away. Hiring an attorney with a formidable record in accident damages recovery gives plaintiffs a better chance to present the strongest case possible.

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