Springfield Construction Accident Injury Lawyer Wins Recoveries for Workers

Aggressive Missouri firm litigates for victims of construction site injuries

Construction sites are inherently dangerous, putting workers and others at risk of serious harm and even death. Explosions, structural collapses, vehicle accidents and falling objects or debris can all cause catastrophic injuries. RJC Law in Springfield battles on behalf of people who have been hurt in construction accidents in Greene County and surrounding areas. Missouri workers’ compensation covers medical costs and lost income for employees injured on a site, but a worker might also be able to obtain damages from an independent contractor or other negligent third party. In both types of cases, Attorney Ronald Coticchio pursues the maximum recovery available for construction accident victims.

Winning recoveries for injuries from all kinds of construction accidents

Construction accident claims can arise from a wide variety of mishaps. My firm obtains financial recoveries in cases arising from:

  • Falls from heights — Scaffolding failures, misplaced tools and debris that is left lying around at a worksite put construction workers at serious risk of falling.
  • Dropped objects and debris — Materials that fall from a roof or upper story could strike someone on the ground, resulting in severe and even fatal harm.
  • Vehicle accidents — Construction vehicles can strike people on site due to driver distraction, mechanical failures or other causes.
  • Overexertion — Due to unreasonable demands or poor supervision, workers may carry excess weight or continue to perform their duties without proper rest or hydration.
  • Dangerous materials — A construction worker may be hurt or become ill due to faulty materials or toxic substances. In addition, mishandled or improperly stored combustible materials may catch fire or explode.
  • Equipment failures — Machinery malfunctions, whether caused by defects or inadequate maintenance, create significant and even deadly danger for construction workers.

Whatever type of accident ensues, I conduct a thorough investigation to determine which parties did not take proper care, including contractors, subcontractors, manufacturers and maintenance providers. I then aggressively pursue compensation from all those responsible for the injuries.

Pursuing legal remedies available for worksite accidents

Workers’ compensation claims reimburse victims for healthcare expenses and lost wages associated with job-related injuries. However, when accidents also involve liability of a third-party, you can file a personal injury lawsuit. This allows you to seek damages unavailable through the workers’ compensation system, such as payment for the pain and suffering you endured. Likewise, after a fatal accident on a building or repair site, my firm represents bereaved family members in wrongful death litigation against third parties who may be liable.

Seeking maximum recovery for all types of injuries

Construction site accidents can result in a host of injuries, among them:

  • traumatic brain injuries
  • back and neck injuries
  • joint damage
  • broken bones
  • internal harm
  • repetitive motion injuries

For these and other serious conditions, my firm gathers supporting evidence and retains medical experts to make the strongest possible case for fair and adequate compensation.

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