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Due to their massive size and weight, tractor-trailers and semi-trucks that get into accidents can cause catastrophic harm and even death to occupants of the other vehicles involved. Medical costs, rehabilitation expenses and lost wages after a truck accident might total in the millions of dollars. With a track record built over more than 25 years, RJC Law in Springfield provides outstanding legal counsel to truck accident victims and their families. Attorney Ronald Coticchio is dedicated to assisting Missouri residents whose lives have been altered by an unfortunate crash. Before you accept a quick settlement from a trucking or insurance company, you should learn about what type of financial recovery might be possible.

Compassionate Attorney will help you navigate thorough the whole process

Truck accident cases can be complex due to the fact that there may be many parties who share in the liability. These include not only the driver but also the fleet owner, the shipping company, the lessee of the truck, the maintenance provider and anyone else whose negligence may have been a contributing factor. My firm thoroughly investigates collisions involving trucks in order to identify their causes, such as:

  • Driver fatigue — Strict rules exist to prevent commercial vehicle operators from driving for too many hours. Using information from the truck’s data recorder and other evidence, I assess if driver fatigue played a role in your crash.
  • Mechanical defects — Trucks are highly complex machines. The failure of a seemingly minor part could touch off a terrible accident. If it’s possible that a mechanical defect contributed to a collision, my firm will conduct a thorough review to see if a manufacturer, product designer or seller should be held responsible.
  • Unlicensed and untrained drivers — After an accident, I review the relevant information to see the status of the truck operator’s commercial driver’s license and if he or she completed proper training for the vehicle involved. Failure to train a driver properly could also violate federal and state rules governing commercial vehicle operation.
  • Oversized or overloaded trucks — Large vehicles always pose a risk, but a truck that is too big or too heavy creates an extra hazard. Through records, witness accounts and evidence such as braking distances, I work to prove when truckers did not comply with the law.
  • Poor maintenance — My firm checks records associated with the truck that caused the accident to determine if necessary maintenance and inspections took place.

I have detailed knowledge of the common types of accidents involving trucks, such as jackknifes, sideswipes, underrides, rear-end crashes and collisions during turns. Drawing on this experience, I take aggressive action against all parties who might be responsible for my clients' injuries.

Litigator handles injury and wrongful death cases arising from collisions

Crashes between big rigs and smaller vehicles can result in serious and sometimes fatal harm to the other drivers and passengers. My firm understands how to help you negotiate personal injury cases involving long-term harm such as paralysis or disfigurement as well as those relating to broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, whiplash, internal injuries and burns. After a fatal accident, I advise families seeking to collect damages in wrongful death actions, including compensation for income and benefits the victim would have earned had he or she survived.

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